5 steps to execute automated datadriven functional test to gRPC service

Test your microservices now!


Step 1: Import proto files defining your gRPC service

Import all your proto files and verify and test that your definition files are correct. After import all methods are available. Besides any tool needs an endpoint and possible authentication method definition to access the actual service.







Step2 : Define use case and its input data with json editor

The second step is to define use cases to be tested and inputs used.








STEP 3: Define, create and  import test data

The third step:

  • Define variables and their types
  • Generate/create test data to csv format
  • Import your test data file to NosyMouse









4. Define validation rules for methods

No automation is valid without validation rules:

  • Content expected
  • Size of results
  • Response time










5. Test that it works – validate results

After definitions, actual testing can be started.