Setup our software to your host and start testing in 5 minutes

Download NosyMouse gRPC Tester software here

  • Create the new folder on your host and unzip the downloaded zip file there

  • Give execution rights to the NosyMouse folder (Linux, Windows; no actions needed)

  • Copy correct JSON file from /config directory to execution folder and rename it to config.json

  • Start NosyMouse from the command line: nosymouse or ./nosymouse

  • Open URL with the browser (Chrome/Edge etc.) for example, local Windows https://localhost:10101

  • Register to application with Google or another email account
  • Verify your account
  • Log in using the username(email) and the password created to access NosyMouse

  • Create your first project and import your proto files to the Project


Download NosyMouse gRPC Tester command-line tool to run your tests with CI tools easily