Get to Know NosyMouse gRPC Testing Application

We have developed NosyMouse to answer the needs of the constantly growing number of businesses and other organizations that use gRPC to run their services. NosyMouse is the first comprehensive SaaS solution that enables to verify the quality of your gRPC services, streaming and otherwise, by running both functional, performance, and security tests – manually and automatically.

Why NosyMouse?

Automated Testing to Speed Up Your Operations

Run quick automated tests for your gRPC services, for example comprehensive regression testing and smoke testing.

Designed for Developers

With test-driven development methodology, you can easily create, run, and maintain your tests in NosyMouse while developing your service. NosyMouse doesn’t get in the way of your development process – on the contrary, it is your guide and helper in designing a better gRPC service.

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Always Data-Driven

Data-driven testing methodology ensures that you always have support for separate test data, variables, automated verifications, and real-world use cases. You can run your tests with different inputs, and verify outputs, both automatically and manually in the interface.

Get Everything Out of Your gRPC Performance

NosyMouse offers you all the features you need for testing your gRPC performance, like concurrent virtual users, ramp-up, pass criteria, think-times, test data, and support for test scenarios with multiple weighted use cases.

  • Test real-world scenarios to get realistic results.
  • Get up-to-date information on the performance of each method in your service.
  • Gain insights to improve your service.
  • Find bottlenecks and their root causes to improve performance.

NosyMouse Smells Vulnerabilities

One indispensable NosyMouse feature is the possibility to run logical security tests to your gRPC services to find vulnerabilities that regular security scanners are unable to detect.

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