Sniff Out Problems, Improve Your Services

If you are looking for a service to run both functional, performance, and security tests for your gRPC service, NosyMouse is the one for you – the very first professional gRPC testing application, available as a SaaS solution, and providing easy-to-use but comprehensive testing tools.

It is no wonder gRPC is such an immensely popular framework – running in any environment across languages and platforms, connecting services efficiently, and linking applications with devices and servers.

As gRPC is used by many of the biggest streaming services, NosyMouse is well-equipped to handle streaming demands, with automated testing featuring full logging and content validations.

NosyMouse is very CI/CD, supporting continuous integration and continuous development, with support for all major operating systems and CI tools, dashboards for monitoring your tests, and options for whole test teams.

Performance testing

Improve the performance of your services and get rid of bottlenecks by testing real scenarios with real results.

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Functional testing

Run manual and automated tests with data-driven methodology, supporting separate test data, variables, automated verifications, and real use cases.

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Security testing

Find vulnerabilities by scanning gRPC methods at application level, detecting threats with our payload packages feature, and by running logical security tests to your services.

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Testing streaming services

Both server and client streaming tests with automated functional, performance and security testing with full logging and content validations, and BID streaming testing upcoming.

NosyMouse Is Quick and Versatile

Benefits of gRPC testing

How NosyMouse will improve your services and assure their quality.


Testing gRPC performance

Make sure your services perform by the standards you have set.


Testing gRPC functionality

Get valuable data by automated, data-driven testing.


Testing gRPC security

Verifying the security of your services is paramount.


How to use gRPC Tester?

If you want to learn how to use the NosyMouse gRPC Tester, check out this video. It explains the basics of the service.

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