Testing automation at right time – it pays off!

Software testing is a vital part of product development. With the timely execution of automated testing, companies can achieve huge benefits. Here are a few of those benefits:

Run faster, identify and fix earlier

With automated app testing, companies can effectively save their budget as the test cases are run at a faster speed, and defects are identified early and fixed before it is moved to production. 

According to US companies, non-automated testing systems are expensive to run, whether they are systems operated by a central team on-premises or cloud solutions built and managed in-house. Adopting test automation solutions allow organizations to eliminate these high-cost options. 

Saves Cost:

In research among US companies Average Net savings are $500,000 of dollars each year and an average reduction in operating costs by $300,000 per year.

Though the initial automation costs are high once the automated test framework is developed, it eases the testing tasks and remarkably saves the overall costs.

Saves Time in both QA and Development:

Faster testing time 

As tests are run automatically 24×7, automated software testing helps to save time. Moreover, with automated testing tools, manual scripts are automated, and the regression testing time will be drastically reduced. This eventually leads to saving the delivery time of the application and largely saves a lot of manual effort and saves time. 

Faster Bug fixing time and better quality

According to US companies, when testing happened weeks after developers completed each version and performance issues were identified, it took developers time to reacquaint themselves with the code and identify the correct solution. 

When performance testing shifted left and was built into the development process, developers identified issues immediately. In turn, they spent less time implementing a fix and more quality was built in. 

Increases ROI:

Every company aims to achieve better returns from its investments. With the development of an effective test automation framework, Gains are huge as:

  • Testing is performed faster 
  • Quality is better 
  • Improves the time to market (Cost savings)

All these together ensure increased return on investment. The US companies reported ROI (Return-on-Investment) growth of a whopping 207%.  


The writer of this blog is Ilkka Myllylä, NosyMouse CEO and test consultant for 20 years.

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