NosyMouse offers consulting services to businesses who have a need for specialized knowledge, such as for gRPC or Tuxedo testing.

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If you are implementing a new application or an important upgrade, how can you be sure it will perform properly? NosyMouse has successfully finished over 200 consulting projects with a success rate of 100%.

What do we mean when we say that we have a success rate of 100%? Simply put, it means we have always successfully finished every project we have started. By not anchoring ourselves to a single data tool or analytics platform, we are able to provide more flexible and strategic solutions. Our tool agnostic approach allows us to choose the right tools for each case. With over two decades of performance testing experience, the good news is that we know all the major tools, when to use them and also when not to use them. This expertise helps you to avoid overlooked pitfalls and unsatisfied customers.

NosyMouse offers a wide range of Performance Testing services, which includes HTTP/2, RDP, Tuxedo and Citrix testing. From us, you’ll also get a performance testing plan, which is important for a successful testing project.

  • We have successfully finished +200 projects.
  • Our success rate is 100%.
  • Tool agnostic approach allows flexibility.
  • A wide-range of Performance Testing services.

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