Performance Testing Plan

Performance testing plan is very important for a successful performance testing project. This can easily be outsourced, even if you want to implement scripts for load simulation and run it yourself. We offer a fixed price plan with experience of +200 plans. 

Trust in experience

As the decision of doing performance testing is done, problem is to understand amount of time and money needed for testing system under test (SUT). The most cost-effective solution is to trust an experienced professional to craft a proper performance testing plan.

A proper performance testing plan includes:
  1. Testing architecture
  2. Testing strategy
  3. Requirements
  4. Testing data/preparations needed
  5. Use cases and test scenarios
  6. Tools needed
  7. Monitoring plan
  8. Risks
  9. Work estimates
  10. Schedule

Usually this plan can be done within one working week assuming the planner is experienced and people involved are available to share their insights with the planner.

With a good plan succeeding becomes much easier; NosyMouse makes sure you get the right resources and the necessary tasks get done properly.

how the performance testing projects are usually done:
  1. Do it myself. Usually there is someone in the team who has some experience in performance testing. Obviously in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king – but not relying on professional help in this tricky field can be risky: it’s not uncommon to see projects swell out of control, which causes critical and costly delays.
  2. Request an offer from a consulting company. The making of an accurate time and cost estimate is difficult for an outsider company, if they don’t have enough information available. This estimate is still generally more accurate than the DIY-solution, but there is still too much risk compared to the best option. The best option is to follow the steps highlighted on the left, which makes making the accurate estimate possible.

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