NosyMouse JAA (JMeter Advanced Analyzer) adds essential improvement to JMeter test analysis for standard JMeter (even with Plugins).

Automated verification

NosyMouse JAA provides automated verification against performance requirements, which makes quick reactions possible.

Automated summary report

You can do everything needed for serious testing: Ramp-up, think times, scenarios with several use cases and weighted percentages.

Automated comparisons

All methods can be validated with results and response times. Variables can be used to map results from one method to input for dependent.

Continuous testing made possible

When managing large amounts of data matters

NosyMouse’s JMeter Advanced Analyzer adds essential improvement to JMeter test analysis. Get a summary report about JMeter results in one minute; making a similar report without JAA would take hours.

JMeter is a popular tool for performance testing, load testing and functional testing of web applications – and for a good reason. It’s easy to use, it has robust reporting and it’s open source software. NosyMouse JAA brings your standard JMeter test analysis to the next level by providing automated analysis for continuous testing. The flexible user interface also allows you to maneuver the data manually, giving senior testers access to comparisons and graphs that otherwise would be arduous to create. And of course, most importantly, you will know whether your test passed or failed.

What information does a summary report done with NosyMouse JAA have? For example, you’ll get top five transactions response times, top five requests response times, top five errors and much, much more.

  • Automated reporting
  • Comparisons
  • Verifications against requirements
  • Email notifications
  • Tailored reports

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