New important benefits and features in NosyMouse gRPC Tester

The new release for NosyMouse gRPC tester is here with New Features and Benefits!


1. Json editor – Support for complex input structures and objects

Our brand new JSON editor offers a new way to define input data for your test in popular JSON format.

There are at least two important benefits here:

a) Complex input structures with a nested structure and list of objects can be executed easily

b) Many developers/testers are familiar with a JSON format

Both input editors support also variables making it possible to run data-driven tests easily


2. Team testing and sharing results

Today many project teams are in different locations.  There are good collaboration tools like Slack.

Also in testing tool sharing test data, test cases and test results is a big benefit. Everybody can use the same test cases and share their test results easily with other members of the group.

3. Testing of the streaming services

One big benefit for gRPC is support for Streaming services. Our tool supports now both Client and server Streaming and testing them

a)  Performance – how much load a Streaming service can handle

b) Data-driven testing – testing your Streming service with different inputs values


4. On-Premise tool 

As popular as SaaS testing tools have become, there are still lots of cases where the gRPC service to be tested is inside the company network and not available the to SaaS test service. This is why we have published NosyMouse gRPC Tester On-premise running Windows and Linux operating systems. Also, the mac version will be published later.

5. CI support with a command line tool

As gRPC service should be tested also in Continuously we are supporting integration to all major CI tools like Jenkins and Githuh actions. Integration happens using the command line tool easy to be installed on main platforms.

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