Finally there exists an amazing application to comprehensively test your gRPC-service – available as a SaaS. 


NosyMouse gRPC Tester makes it easy to test different input and result options with list variables.


From ramp-up to think times and scenarios with several use cases, our tester makes serious testing possible.


All methods can be validated with results and response times. Variables can be used to map results for dependent.

The gRPC Tester you’ve always wanted

Tester for Functional and Performance testing

Often the quest of making things more efficient boils down to a matter of milliseconds. gRPC, short for “gRPC Remote Procedure Call,” is Google’s fast open source remote procedure call (RPC) framework that can run anywhere.

gRPC is built on top of HTTP/2, while REST – the standard protocol for the web APIs today – depends heavily on HTTP 1.1. As a Binary protocol HTTP/2 is more efficient to parse than the Textual HTTP 1.1. Even though gRPC has been proved to be faster than REST in many tests, it’s popularity has suffered from the lack of support to web clients. So far testing tools for gRPC API services have been very basic, lacking pretty much all the important features available for REST API testing. Because high-quality testing tools are a vital part of software development, we have developed a new gRPC Tester.

NosyMouse gRPC Tester allows users to do both functional and performance testing; from results mapping and data-driven testing to simulation of concurrent users and ramp-ups, gRPC Tester makes serious testing possible. And if SaaS is not a viable option for you, we have on-premise available as well. License is for one year with monthly payments.

  • For businesses already using gRPC or wish to try it.
  • Functionality available for performance and functional testing.
  • Available as SaaS service and on-premise.
  • One-year license with monthly payments.


Free for 14 days

Try NosyMouse gRPC Tester free for 14 days and decide your plan later.

Two concurrent users
Five iterations


Annual €149 per month
Month-to-month €297 per month

For one time and small projects.

Data-Driven functional testing
2 Concurrent users


Annual €399 per month
Month-to-month €797 per month

For bigger projects and serious performance testing.

100 concurrent users
10000 iterations



For big performance and serious continuous testing.

Big loads & user management



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