gRPC Performance Testing with Real Results

NosyMouse offers you all the features you need for reliable gRPC testing, such as concurrent virtual users, ramp-up, pass criteria, think-times, test data, and support for test scenarios with multiple weighted use cases.

  • Test real scenarios with realistic results.
  • Know the performance of each method in your service.
  • Find bottlenecks and their root causes.
  • Assess the performance of your service and improve it based on data.

Is NosyMouse Performance Snout Plan the Right One for Your Needs?

Setting up Test Scenarios is Easy

  • Create and verify your use cases.
  • Select cases for your test scenario with sleep time and weight/percentage.
  • Define virtual user amount, duration and ramp-up time.
  • Define acceptance criteria/requirements for your test.

Real-time Analysis

Follow your test real time with NosyMouse!

  • Get graphs for response times, virtual users, throughput, and errors.
  • See metrics and graphs at method level.

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