gRPC Performance testing with nosymouse


NosyMouse offers you all features needed like concurrent virtual users, ramp-up, pass criteria, think-times, test data, and support for test scenarios with multiple weighted use cases.

You can test real-world scenarios get realistic results

You know the performance of each method in your service

You will know if the performance of your service is good enough

You can find bottlenecks and their root cause to improve performance



Setting up performance test with NosyMouse

  • Create and verify your use cases first
  • Select use cases to your test scenario with sleep time and weight/percentage
  • Define virtual user amount, duration and ramp-up time
  • Define acceptance criteria/requirements to your test

See real time analysis

Follow your test real time with NosyMouse

  • Graphs: Response time, virtual users, throughput, errors
  • Metrics and graphs in method level