Quick, Easy, and Automated Functional gRPC testing

NosyMouse enables you to run quick automated tests, including comprehensive regression testing and smoke testing to your services.

From Test-driven Development…

If you have waited for a solution to test your service while running and developing it, wait no more. With our test-driven development methodology, it is easy for you to create, run, and maintain tests in NosyMouse while developing the service.

Is NosyMouse Performance Snout Plan the Right One for Your Needs?

…to Data-Driven Testing

NosyMouse supports data-driven testing methodology with support for separate test data, variables, automated verifications, and real-world use cases. You can run your tests with different inputs and verify outputs, both automatically and manually in the NosyMouse user interface.

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Define data pools for your data driven tests

Define list or file as variable/data source of your tests


See results real time

See results real time